Special Package

Best offered for our packages deals, health and beauty treatments all in one time for your best choice
  1. Fresh and shine (optional body massage+manicure pedicure + scrub) 180’ (475k)
    Enjoy our relaxing massage with our selected premium oils following with the body scrub to exfoliate and refresh your skin, and finished with your express manicure and pedicure treatments
  2. Glowing day (optional body massage+manicure pedicure) 150min (400k)
    Rejuvenate your day with our relaxing massage with our selected premium oils and get spoiled for your fingernails and toenails after
  3. Stress relief (optional body massage+hairspa) 90min (275k)
    Best option for your stress relieving after your busy week, relaxing body massage and head massage for your hair therapy
  4. The cure (optional body massage+body scrub+hairspa) 120min (350k)
    Get away of your tension and get your lovely skin and hair back
  5. Sweet like you(optional body massage+facial) 120min (275k)
    Our best weekend getaway, get ready to have glowing face and rebirth soul through our relaxing massage
  6. Best day ever (optional body massage+facial+manicure pedicure+hair spa) 240min (700k)
    Our complete packages, recommended to try to feel rebirth your body and soul