Body Massage

  1. Pinata colada
    Our signature body massage with our favourite pineapple and coconut scent with rice brand oil (recommended) 30’ 60’ 90’ 120’ (90K, 175K, 265K, 350K)
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody
    Body massage with our special essence of bamboo charcoal mixed with patchouli oil,will bring you to earthy,sweet and woody feeling 30’ 60’ 90’ 120’ (90K, 175K, 265K, 350K)
  3. Calmer Paradise
    Body massage with our natural moisturizer almond and grapeseed oil, for beautiful and smooth skin 30’ 60’ 90’ 120’ (90K, 175K, 265K, 350K)
  4. Lava stone
    Our healing gem,bringing raw energy from warm stone to your body apply with special technique of massage with our earthy bamboo charcoal oil 120’ (400k)
  5. Sunburn massage
    Relieving sunburn with aloe vera gel with massage therapy to ease sunburn discomfort 60’ (275k)


  1. Pineapple Body Scrub
    Body exfoliation with our favourite body scrub of pineapple and coconut to reduce dryness and refresh your skin as anti inflammatory 30’-45’ (125K)
  2. Almond body scrub
    Body exfoliation with lovely scrub from almond,sea salt, mixed with natural honey to moisturize your tired skin and get the skin healing 30’-45’ (125K)

Foot Treatment

  1. Getaway pampered
    Foot reflexology to help maintaining your blood circulation with calming eucalyptus and peppermint  ( back and head massage only for 90min treatment ) 60’ 90’ (150k,225k)